Lentiq is a collaborative data lake as a service environment that’s built to enable small teams to do big things

Quickly run data science, machine learning and data analysis at scale in the cloud of your choice. With Lentiq, your teams can ingest data in real time and then process, clean and share it.

From there, Lentiq makes it possible to build, train and share models internally. Simply put, data teams can collaborate with Lentiq and innovate with no restrictions.

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Our data lake is better than theirs

Data lakes are storage and processing environments, which provide ML, ETL, schema-on-read querying capabilities and so much more. Are you working on some data science magic? You definitely need a data lake.

In the Post-Hadoop era, the big, centralized data lake is a thing of the past. With Lentiq, we use data pools, which are multi-cloud, interconnected mini-data lakes. They work together to give you a stable, secure and fast data science environment.

Our data scientists were excited about Lentiq from the moment they heard about it. We have quite a lot of ad-hoc data science projects, so the ability to go from an idea to writing code without worrying about setup deployment saved the team quite a bit of time.

We went from creating an account to connecting our data sources in a matter of minutes and we were up and running and analyzing data sets the same day. Highly recommended for any team who wants the flexibility of doing data science, without worrying about DevOps.

Ioana Hreninciuc
CEO, GameAnalytics

What to do using Lentiq? Here's some hints:

Build and train models, collaborate, love an AI! Go make things happen!

Befriend Jupyter and other processing stacks.

Building an AI solution is cool, but you need a tool for that. We have them all! Use Jupyter Notebooks, manage Apache Spark clusters, buffer around with Apache Kafka and make some magic.

Managing data in multiple clouds? Yes! We got it!

With Lentiq, your team can manage data and metadata—including document data, publish datasets and access data—across multiple clouds without code changes.

Got a notebook?
Convert it into code.

By using Lentiq, your team can convert notebooks into executable, reproducible code that can run as part of workflows. Thank us later!

Unlimited power with multi-cloud support. Now possible..

Lentiq gives you the freedom to deploy different data pools in different cloud providers, at the same time, and share data and notebooks. This is what we call data freedom.

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