The fastest way to build a data lake.

Say hello to a decentralized future: mini-data lakes called Data Pools

A data pool gives you all the things a data lake does, minus the hassle. Lentiq's data pools are private, secure and fast environments to run data science projects.

Each team can build its own data pool and share it with other teams. They can write code and run it in any cloud, build and train models and then share files. Our data pools run in the cloud of your choice. They communicate between each other, and so will your team. This is what we call a truly decentralized freedom for your data teams.

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Why are data pools the new data lake your teams need?

The main problems of a centralized data lake are the lack of collaboration and slow time to production. Lentiq fixed all that with collaborative data pools. Your data team can share files, code, work on your desired cloud, and get the job done twice as fast. How? Science, not magic!

Nothing but a Spark

Our data pools use object storage and Spark running on Kubernetes for processing data. They work with AWS and GCP, all at once. This was a Sparkling idea for your projects, allowing them to move to production faster.

Decentralized, but unified

No, we're not delusional. Our data pools can either work alone, each department using its data pools, or they can be unified so departments and data teams can share files through publish/subscribe functionality. The choice is yours, we're just giving you options.

Self-explanatory UI

Lentiq's data pools can be managed from a self-explanatory, intuitive and easy-to-use control panel. It takes just a few minutes to run the apps of your choice. We estimate it will require less than 10 minutes of setup to have a fully functional data lake so your data team can start coding and sharing data.

Fully managed application stacks

How can this be possible? We automate the installation of all applications, we finely tune them to serve intensive workloads, we ensure reliability and scalability so that your data team is worry-free.

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