What is a data pool?

A data pool is a micro data lake

A data pool is a private, secure, cloud-native, use-case specific environment that provides everything a data team needs to perform data science & ML without depending on ops but as part of the wider network.

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Key Benefits of Lentiq

No ops, just you and your team

Do not rely on ops to start exploring data, modeling and discovering insights.

Cross-environment portability

Write portable, scalable, cross-environment code with our abstraction layer, and use the same applications, data, and UI when moving between clouds.

Leverage the edge

Empower branch offices to use their expert knowledge to gain insights on their own, to leverage their local data faster and easier.

Data sharing & Governance

Our unique approach to data sharing is what enables less oppressive governance which in turns makes Lentiq a happier place.

We use a "publish & subscribe" concept to share data among data pools. This allows people to receive updates related to specific datasets and get informed when new data is available.

Data Store
A data pool can share with the network relevant, curated and documented data by listing it in the "data store". Consumers can then subscribe to receive updates. The data store becomes the central location for data relevant organization-wide.

Code Store
Kernels, models or other executable docker images can also be published to allow others to reuse as part of their projects.

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