Making data available to all

We believe data will transform the world for the better. Lentiq is a cutting edge collaboration environment designed for analytics and machine learning teams. We help businesses of every size - from startups to public companies - put data at the heart of operations.

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What we do

We focus on building data lakes that enable freedom and flexibility. We moved away from a centralized data repository to a fully distributed architecture that allows organizations to unify departments through data and knowledge sharing mechanisms. Lentiq created a multi-cloud, production-scale data lake as a service that provides data teams with the tools, the collaboration mechanisms, and the freedom they need to innovate.

Lucas Roh, CEO

Lucas Roh

How we got here

Lentiq is a data lake-as-a-service company headquartered in Chicago, USA. It is a "spinoff" of Bigstep, a bare-metal cloud provider that helps companies run big data, machine learning, and analytics projects. Years of experience in building data lakes in the cloud, helping enterprise organizations move their business forward is the solid foundation for our new endeavor: the next generation data lake.

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