Cloud is the limit.
But it doesn't have to be.

You don't have to limit your team to a single cloud provider. If your needs require flexibility, Lentiq is the solution. With Lentiq, your data team can share code, notebooks and data, regardless of the cloud you choose, by using the power of interconnected data pools. By abstracting the infrastructure layer and allowing freedom of choice, you can worry solely about projects being finalized on time and on budget.

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Multi Cloud Data Lake as a Service

Freedom of choice is a given

AWS? GCP? Both? You name it, we support it.

Give us a few minutes and we'll give you a fully functional data lake running on AWS. How do you set up AWS with Lentiq?
See how to deploy Lentiq in AWS.

So, you're into Google? So are we. You need just a few minutes in your own GPC account to set things up for Lentiq.
Read all about deploying Lentiq in Google Cloud Platform.

The cool thing about our multi-cloud support is that once your AWS and GCP are fully functional to work with Lentiq, you can use them both at the same time with our data pools.

Keep data where you want

We bring you the processing power.

With Lentiq, there is no need to worry about data gravity. We operate with the data closer to where it's generated. This is all possible via our easy-to-use UI. With Lentiq, you can develop portable code and use it anywhere. There’s no need to worry about vendor lock-in.

Your team will easily share data across cloud providers and use our own data catalog to locate datasets across all data pools.

SFTP proxy

Embrace flexibility and stay agile

Empower your data team to use the best services for their challenges,  perform workload optimization, and avoid cloud vendor lock-in. Our unified management interface offers a consistent user experience by abstracting the underlying infrastructure

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