Implement a multi-cloud data lake strategy, by leveraging the EdgeLake technology

Gain data and application portability, reduce costs, leverage the best-of-breed service for a each use case, balance flexibility and regulations, while using a single unified control plane that delivers performance, security and ease of use.

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Multi Cloud Data Lake as a Service

No hassle simply works

Stop worrying about how to get started, upload your data to EdgeLake and start running experiments instantly.

Uniform data access and migration

We abstract away access to data, and regardless of the underlying object storage, applications work unchanged.

Applications and code portability

Abstract away applications, code and run your workloads anywhere using containers while ensuring high-availability and easy scalability.

Unified management interface

The EdgeLake is delivered as a service, and we automate provisioning, infrastructure, applications, data and metadata management.

Supported cloud providers

Have the same user experience on all cloud platforms. Focus on your work and forget the infrastructure.

Use multiple clouds simultaneously

Traditional data lakes are overly complex by design and building them multi-cloud ready increases the complexity exponentially. 

EdgeLake offers a hybrid, multi-cloud data lake and helps you:

  • optimize costs
  • leverage your local teams' skill sets
  • improve your geographic presence through the interconnected data pool technology
  • be closer to the edge when performing your ingestion, data science, data analytics, and machine learning workloads

Fight data and applications gravity and stay connected

Leverage our container-based applications catalog and develop portable code that can be easily run everywhere. Notebooks and other types of workloads can be automatically packaged to be run in any cloud, at any time, without changes.

Our file system abstraction layer allows you to interrogate data, publish & share data across cloud providers, create tables displayed in the Table Browser that are accessible to the entire team.

SFTP proxy

Embrace flexibility and stay agile

Empower your data team to use the best services for their challenges,  perform workload optimization, and avoid cloud vendor lock-in. Our unified management interface offers a consistent user experience by abstracting the underlying infrastructure.

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