Talk Python to us and build a Churn Prediction model on Lentiq. We can handle it.

Lentiq packs the essentials needed by your entire data team in an end-to-end data science platform. Build and train churn prediction models on a full-stack platform that provides everything, from infrastructure management to notebook sharing.

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Churn Prediction on Lentiq EdgeLake

Why use Lentiq for a Churn Prediction model

You have everything you need under a single pane of glass.

Aggregating all data, creating ML models and sending them to production is difficult in centralized data lakes. Lentiq's distributed system, made of data pools, allows company branches, departments, divisions, and teams to develop ML models and tweak them by localizing feature selection.

Deliver real, scalable, reliable results for customer churn prediction. Now you have the platform for it.


Everything as a service. Except training models. That's on you.

We bring the techy part and manage it. You build the model and train it. Win-win. Don't you just love it when it works?

You get almost everything as a service: infrastructure, use of the clouds of your choice, application, data and notebook management and so much more.

Check our full product description. With all these at hand, data teams collaborate better, especially with our sharing mechanisms, and get the job done. Give it a go.

  • Run your notebooks and applications stack in multiple clouds without changing a thing
  • Deploy use case specific application stacks in projects and gain velocity when analyzing data
  • Easily develop and scale machine learning models in notebook environments packed with everything you need
  • Put machine learning models into production through the "reusable code block" technology in seconds
  • Share data across multiple data pools
  • Build an internal knowledge repository out of models deployed in multiple regions and share best practices

How to start?

Create a Lentiq Account

We offer a Free Tier and a 14-days free trial with no infrastructure costs.

Create your first data pool

Make sure to go through our Data Pool creation tutorial to have a smooth start.

Upload data

It's easy. Just follow the simple steps on how to upload and share data in Lentiq.


You are all set to start making sense of your data.

How to continue?

Aggregate data and performing pre-processing

Aggregate data from customer plans, payment transactions, product usage, customer support requests.

Perform exploratory data analysis

Analyze statistics, support intuition, discover some trends and patterns that can produce refined results through an explainable model.

Train models and put them into production

Benchmark different machine learning models and identify the most relevant features and the model with the best accuracy, then move to production. .

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