Build a Recommender System algorithm on Lentiq using Jupyter Notebook and Python and scale it with Spark

Lentiq allows data teams to easily build and train algorithms as it offers the perfect data science at scale environment. Teams work together, share data and move projects to production much faster. Build, train, collaborate and give the best recommendation.

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Recommender Systems on Lentiq EdgeLake

Why use Lentiq for a Recommender System model

Lentiq gives you freedom to get creative. We handle the logistics behind it. Any Data Science at scale project requires a stable, secure and full-stack environment. You need the whole package to get it right. Lentiq gives you the needed management of the underlying processing infrastructure, applications, as well as the data and notebook sharing capabilities. All your team needs to do is start coding.

Up to 37% revenue increase
Up to 23.7% business growth
Up to 75% product usage increase

Cut your environment preparation time in half and invest more in crafting algorithms.

Lower your time to production, not your expectations

Lentiq facilitates faster moving of projects to production by eliminating the need for a complex team to set up and get things moving.

Our platform completely automates the power engines, and by abstracting the infrastructure and management layer, teams can start working on what matters in a few minutes.

Try for yourself. You get almost everything as a service: infrastructure, use of the clouds of your choice, application, data and notebook management, and so much more. 

  • Run your notebooks and applications stack in multiple clouds without changing a thing
  • Deploy use case specific application stacks in projects and gain velocity when analyzing data
  • Easily develop and scale machine learning models in notebook environments packed with everything you need
  • Put machine learning models in production through the "reusable code block" technology in seconds
  • Share data across multiple data pools
  • Build an internal knowledge repository out of models deployed in multiple regions and share best practices

How to start?

Create a Lentiq Account

We offer 14-days free trial with no infrastructure costs. Create an account here.

Create your first data pool

Make sure to go through our Data Pool creation tutorial to have a smooth start.

Upload data

It's easy. Just follow the simple steps on how to upload and share data in Lentiq.

Run Jupyter and start coding

Lentiq offers a variety of applications you can deploy. Check now to deploy Jupyter.

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