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Update: How to Build the Next Generation Data Lake - Interconnected Data Pools in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Post Update: video recording of the webinar hosted on March 5th, by Lentiq. This is the first webinar in a long series that focuses on the evolution of data lakes, how to build the next generation data lake for your company, and how data science, analytics, and data analysis projects can easily be implemented in a multi-cloud environment built with a new, cutting-edge technology: Lentiq.

Companies have struggled for many years to build efficient data lakes for their organizations that ultimately failed to reach mass adoption among their users. Usually considered the primary step in defining how to become a data-driven company, data lakes now face the challenges of being too centralized, too complex and strictly standardized to be used for their initial goals. 

Hadoop is the technology that powered the first generation of data lakes, but its
limitations, weaknesses and complex architecture have driven users away in recent days.

Cristina Grosu, Lentiq’s Product Manager and Data Enthusiast, discusses data lakes, their challenges, current trends, and how easy it can be to create the next generation data lake in a multi-cloud environment in no time so you can instantly get started with your projects.

Here are the topics discussed in this webinar:
• data lake design patterns, their advantages, and disadvantages
• the next generation data lake architecture powered by interconnected data pools
• quick tutorial hosted on Lentiq on how to build a newly designed data lake

No previous technical background is necessary, but familiarity with data lakes and their design considerations will be helpful.

Post update

We want to thank all the registrants and participants to this event, who made the experience a constructive and interactive one. You can also download the slides used in the webinar How to Build the Next Generation Data Lake.




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