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Lentiq has been awarded with the Rising Star Award from Finances Online

We are excited to announce that Lentiq has been reviewed by FinancesOnline, the industry experts online review platform for B2B and SaaS solutions. FinancesOnline listed Lentiq in the top Data Analysis for mac, with a Rising Star Award.

In evaluating Lentiq, FinancesOnline review team commended our software for offering comprehensive data analytics and data science functionalities that drive businesses forward. According to them, it "is a solution that enables you to create a unique, distributed data lake for your organization that’s made out of interconnected data pools supporting multiple public clouds at the same time."

FinancesOnline’s team of software experts examined and compared Lentiq data analytics against its competitors in various scenarios, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Cross-Environment Portability - use the same set of applications, data, and user interface even when you switch between multiple cloud platforms
  • Multi-Cloud Platform - avoid vendor lock-ins
  • Publish & Subscribe Concept - subscription feature that allows users to opt-in to notifications whenever additions and other changes are made to relevant data sets
  • Jupyter as a Service - integrate Jupyter with the system and collaborate on the environment
  • Spark as a Service - dedicated clusters for every workload that you may have, reliable and resilient

Head over to FinancesOnline to read the full review on Lentiq. Feel free to post your own review and stay tuned to see what’s next!


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